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This is something I wrote in the summer of 2014, during the protests in Ferguson over Michael Brown’s murder at the hands of the police. It’s eerie to see how this exact pattern been repeating time and time again over the years.

What is happening in Ferguson?

Yet another unarmed black man shot and killed by the police officer. The unsurprising battle for identity, between the thug who robbed a shop and resisted arrest, and the beloved son who made everyone laugh, who loved music, who was about to start college. The truth is, it doesn’t matter. …

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1. Hey, can you please introduce yourself?

I’m Laura — I’m into travelling and design. Growing up, I wanted to study literature and become a teacher. At the last minute, I went with International Relations because I thought it would give me a better shot at leaving my native Portugal.

Since then, I have worked with non-profits between Germany and Brazil, content management and translation in Portugal, product design in India, and community management and travel operations across the world. I’ve joined InVision in November 2018 as a Customer Advocate.

2. What motivated you to choose remote working?

When I moved to India…

Customer support lessons after a year on the world’s best job

“woman watching hot air balloons” by Mesut Kaya on Unsplash

Between October 2017 and September 2018, I’ve led a group of around 40 digital nomads on a work and travel program around the world with Remote Year.

Together with my co-pilot Jolanda, we’ve handled all sorts of customer support issues, organized community events and cultural immersion activities across Split, Prague, Lisbon, Kyoto, Chiang Mai, Kuala Lumpur, Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Lima, Medellín, Bogotá, and Mexico City.

It was, in many aspects, a dream job. The dream job. We got paid to travel to all these incredible countries, together with a group of incredibly inspiring people from all walks of life, and…

Lessons learned on Remote Year

Every month, the community I’ve travelled with for a year on Remote Year got together and told personal stories under a specific theme. This is the write-up of my story for the 12th and final month, about “Lessons Learned on Remote Year”.

The first time I had a deep, incomprehensible, irreconcilable difference of opinions this year was in Prague, during our community’s second month together.

To this day, we know it as ‘The Mug of Milk Controversy’.

While playing a board game, I mentioned ‘milk’ as one of the things one can drink out of a mug. Someone contested it…

Stepping back to reflect on a website’s target audience and goals

About Pit Stop Cafe

Back in March 2018, my community at Remote Year collaborated with Pit Stop Cafe, a social enterprise in Kuala Lumpur improving the lives of the city’s underprivileged population.

When things are bad, ‘look for the helpers’. Homeless people are not the problem, they are the victims. In a city with a sizeable homeless population, Pit Stop is one of the organisations that helps providing an answer. They focus on restoring their dignity, through delicious and nutritious meals 6 days a week, through individual support, through professional coaching and training.

Our group joined for one or two afternoons a week, first…

Minimising stress and uncertainty when boarding a bus.

The challenge

As a frequent traveller, I often navigate around cities where the public transport system is new to me, in a language I don’t understand.

In some cases, these systems are well-devised so that inexperience and/or lack of local language skills is not a problem (the Czech Republic being a prime example—hopping on a tram or a bus quickly became as natural as walking).

In others, not that much.

One of those cases was when I travelled by bus from Córdoba to Buenos Aires a few months ago. Buying the ticket was easy: I used Busbud, a bus ticket aggregator, to…

Travel notes and some photos

On Valentine’s Day 2018, prompted by Remote Year’s #citynotsweethearts I started writing love letters to cities who made their way into my heart. It’s become a habit ever since.

Amsterdam — 1

I snapped a picture with my phone as I was walking home. I thought myself happy to rest my head in those streets for a while.

The corner unfolded. Bright against the leaden sky, there was one rainbow, two rainbows.

People stopped their bikes to look. People turned their faces up and smiled. Moms pointed up and I saw myself also a child, driving home with my dad pointing at the…

India, Portugal, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic (from my Instagram)

I got tattooed twice in 2017. A full circle in June; red carnations in December.

(But this is not the beginning.)

If you’re an old friend, you’ve heard this story. If you’re a new friend — and there were many this year — chances are you didn’t. This time last year I was trying to drag myself of a painful, dark hole. Exactly on the turn of the year, Anjana Menon, James and I hugged and told each other that was going to be the best year ever.

It was. It was the year of travelling and connecting with those…

Not so long ago, I thought I’d be old once I reached twenty five.

Things start to feel not so long ago when you’re old. But I don’t feel old. Or young, for that matter. I just feel myself.

Someone joked with me yesterday, “It’s all downhill from here”. Someone else smiled and told me, “It’s all uphill from here”. Twenty five is a weird age, it’s supposed to mark something, but what is it?

“Getting real”, talvez, mas o meu real é o oposto. Quanto mais real a vida, menos real me sinto. Sinto muito então. …

An open letter to all language snobs

You felt the need of correcting my English.

You felt the need of interrupting my story and stomping on my enthusiasm, just to tell me I used the wrong word and that it’s not how you pronounce it. Because the smirk on your face wasn’t enough for me to get it, everyone around had to know it as well.

In my broken English, I could tell you many things.

I could tell you that I always struggled with stammering, even in my mother language.

I could tell you that not so long ago, I was not able to say a…

Laura Cunha

Technical Writer at InVision, previously with Remote Year and Zomato. INFJ. Dosa enthusiast. Find me on lauracunha.com

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