What is happening in Ferguson? (2014)

AP Photo / St. Louis Post-Dispatch (source)

This is something I wrote in the summer of 2014, during the protests in Ferguson over Michael Brown’s murder at the hands of the police. It’s eerie to see how this exact pattern been repeating time and time again over the years.

What is happening in Ferguson?

Yet another unarmed black man shot and killed by the police officer. The unsurprising battle for identity, between the thug who robbed a shop and resisted arrest, and the beloved son who made everyone laugh, who loved music, who was about to start college. The truth is, it doesn’t matter. No one deserves to die like this, without justice.

We see a community processing through the injustice. Riot police, a no-fly zone over the city, clouds of tear gas, a storm of rubber bullets. Hopelessness and fear bursting into violence. But police brutality is the cause of this hell, not the consequence. There are journalists being arrested, politicians being tear-gassed. The symbol of this protest is a surrender gesture (“hands up, don’t shoot”) but there are nevertheless injuries.

The so-called land of the free doesn’t have a justice system to match. The police murders, then the media murders again.

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